Fall TV isn’t just about the tube. Internet-based platforms—outside of the Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon juggernauts—are coming out with great series. Here are the Backstage staff picks of what you should be watching on Seeso, Vimeo, YouTube Red, and ABC’s digital arm, ABCd.
SEESO“HarmonQuest”Good thing Dan Harmon maintained a post-“Community” relationship with NBCUniversal. In July, the writer-producer debuted “HarmonQuest,” his part-live-action, part-animated, completely improvised web series featuring talented comedians and special guests playing fantasy roleplaying campaigns for an audience. It’s as innovative as it is off-the-wall. Bonus: Guests include Paul F. Tompkins, Aubrey Plaza, Kumail Nanjiani, and more. —JACK SMART
“Take My Wife”If you’re a fan of standup comedian Cameron Esposito and her cheeky “Ask a Lesbian” web series, then “Take My Wife” is for you. A semiautobiographical portrayal of series co-creators Esposito and her comedy partner–turned-wife Rhea Butcher’s life in Los Angeles, the series is honest, heartfelt, and most importantly, hilarious. Brimming with Esposito’s trademark

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