Acting Auditions for Kids in RoswellDoes your child have natural talent? Does he/she have the skills to rehearse complicated dialogues and instantly memorize lines with excitement and energy? They may have natural talent! Acting auditions for kids in Roswell are designed to find kids ready to perform for an audience.

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Acting Auditions for Kids in Roswell: Preparation

Support with persistent training. If your child is serious about becoming an actor, don’t treat it like a casual interest. Parents bend over backwards to assure their kids don’t miss soccer practice, but forget to be just as persistent with acting training. Search for a course that your child enjoys and is demanding. If they are persistent, the training will develop every part of his\her life.

Positive support. Just like any skill, acting is going to be full of failures learning experiences. Giving you child positive reinforcement during the whole process will motivate your child to continue trying and make measurable improvements. Becoming an actor takes a lot of guts. Ask yourself if you would repeatedly get in front of a group of strangers and honestly display your emotions for a scene. Every piece of fortitude helps!

Leave the directing to the Director. Often times, parents attempt to give too much direction to the child in preparation for the audition. You don’t know exactly what the Casting Director expects. Your most important job is to provide encouragement and emotional support. More often than you think, children get fired from acting jobs because of their parents’ actions.

Trust your child. Your child is the one that’s been to all the acting auditions for kids in Roswell, not you. They have persistently been told what to wear, how to perform, and received direction from staff. Once they’ve achieved a certain level of skill, they are the experts for auditions, not the parents. Trust in them, encourage them, and support them on their journey!

Audition Day: 7 Tips

Acting Auditions for Kids in Roswell: 7 tips for success

1. Look like your headshot. Parents commonly spend a lot of money taking quality photos. It’s not only the first set, but the ongoing printing of new copies that gets expensive. When your kid is called for an audition, one of the most important factors is their appearance. They are chosen in part because of their appearance in the headshot photo. Don’t change it up for the audition. Even subtle changes, such as hair style could have a substantial impact on the team’s choices.

2. Kids should have a look that fits their age and role. We’re talking about acting auditions for kids in Roswell. The kids are supposed to look like…well, kids. Girls shouldn’t be strutting around in high-heels, with a ton of makeup. Boys don’t need to be wearing a suit with their hair slicked back unnaturally. They should be pleasant, but comfortable. If the kid is irritated and grouchy, it won’t really matter how good they look!  Take the role into consideration (nerd, bully, tomboy, etc.), but dress the child like you usually would for an evening out or to go to school.

3. Be flexible. The Casting Director and staff have an ideal style in mind for their production. It’s paramount that the kid has the flexibility to adapt based on to direction from staff. Here’s an example:

Child: These popsicles are the best! (Licking the popsicle)

Director: OK, great. Now let’s try it again without the popsicle blocking your face.

Child: These popsicles are the best! (Licking the popsicle)

Director: Nice. OK. Please emphasize the word “these” this time.

Child: These popsicles are great!

Director: Try again. Please emphasize the word “these” instead of “popsicles.”

Child: These popsicles are great!

Director: Great, thank you very much. Next!

4. Know the script. Don’t just repeat the lines senselessly. Understand the script and why you’re saying it. Acting auditions for kids in Roswell may not always request kids to memorize the whole script. But, understand what is the message you’re trying to convey? For commercials the script is often about benefits, quality, or price. For movies and shows the dialogue is about performing with specific emotions. Learn the purpose of the lines, not just the words.

5. Prioritize the first and last lines. Most directors accept that acting auditions for kids are different for adults. Kids may not be able to remember all the lines. It is normal for the child to look at the script during the audition. But it’s typically the first and last lines that are the most crucial. It’s these lines that you want to be saying when looking directly at the staff.

6. Make it fun! Parents should make the auditioning process for kids enjoyable, not burdensome. Approach auditions as a mini-performance, not a process to get a gig for money. When your child isn’t having fun, it might be time to reevaluate the auditions, or acting altogether.

7. Don’t pressure them. Acting auditions for kids in Roswell need to feel natural. Parents can assist by not pressuring their kids. Praise them no matter what. Think of auditions like you’re buying a lottery ticket. There is a ton of other children competing and you most likely go to many more auditions than jobs. But, you’re chances will get better the more you play!

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Example Acting Auditions for Kids in Roswell

A normal audition consists of the child reading and acting a short scene or several lines. TV commercials usually focus on the quality of products, the benefits of the product, and creating emotional reactions to the product. TV, movie, and plays auditions commonly center on the child’s ability to interact with others and dialogue. Here are a couple examples of acting auditions for kids in Roswell:

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