Production Description

Casting a diaper commercial. Production states: “Seeking moms with babies ages 0-8 months, and grandma.”


Actors & Performers

Mom: Lead, Female, 20-35

Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic

Grand Babies: Lead, 1-8

babies 0-8 months.
Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic

Grandmas: Lead, Female, 40-80

Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots between June 1-6 (one day TBD) in L.A.; and records TBD remotely.

Compensation & Contract Details

Estimated Payment: $1,300.00 – $3,300.00 Flat Rate (Estimated duration: Not Provided)
Additional: Pays $500/filming plus $1500 buyout.

Key Details

Seeking talent from:

Los Angeles, CA