Dancing Auditions for Kids in El Cajon, CADancing auditions for kids in El Cajon are for children that already perform. Does your child love to dance? Can they quickly perform and learn complicated routines they see on the internet and TV? They may have natural talent! In this article you will learn how to search for auditions in El Cajon and how to prepare for the audition. You will find auditions for:

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Dancing Auditions for Kids in El Cajon: How to Prepare

Prior to the day of the audition there are several things you can do to increase success and improve your performance.

Practice Different Techniques Regularly. Practicing doesn’t mean doing the same thing over and over again. Dancing auditions for kids in El Cajon normally demand dance routines that incorporate many different styles of dance.

Learn about the Audition. Research all the information about the audition as possible. Here are some typical things to look for that will help you prepare:

  • Location, date, time…duh
  • Music used for the audition
  • Dress code (ballet leotard or jeans and t-shirt?)
  • Production type (movie, play, commercial?)

Cross Train. Dancing auditions for kids in El Cajon will be demanding. You’ve probably heard the terms “cross fit” or “cross training” before. It simply means to train in other areas. For example, dancers benefit from cardio endurance. By regularly running, cycling, and swimming, dancers increase stamina. Kids naturally do these types of activities. As parents, it is important you give them exposure to many different kinds of exercise, not only dance practice.

Rest. Being rested is always a good rule, but especially important when you need to be at your best and focus. Sleep well each night the week before the audition. The body won’t recover from exhaustion in one night.

Day of the Audition: 7 Tips

Dancing Auditions for Kids in El Cajon: 7 Tips

1. EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST. Having a big healthy breakfast the morning of an audition will not only give your body energy, but provides your brain nutrients it needs to make quick decisions, troubleshoot, and focus.

2. LOOK PROFESSIONAL. Your appearance at the audition is VERY important. The company responsible for the audition is always looking at the technique and physique of the dancers. Wear tightly fitting clothing that is comfortable. You want to display your physique and movements. Loose fitting clothing gets in the way. Don’t wear baggy clothing that hides your body (unless otherwise indicated).

3. FRONT OF THE GROUP. Lots of dancing auditions for kids in El Cajon take place in an overcrowded studio. Try to get to the front of the room so you can see the choreographer to learn the dance routine. You will most likely switch positions at some point, but it’s helpful to have a clear view of the choreographer.

4. PAY ATTENTION TO PRECISION. You will be forced to memorize the routine quickly. Don’t just focus on the large pieces of movement (step, jump, step, turn, etc.). There are typically very detailed, precise movements that are meant to be part of the routine. Once you’ve learned the foundation of the routine, pay close attention to the more precise movements in the neck, toes, hands, and face.

5. DON’T GET DISTRACTED. When you’re in a room surrounded by other people, there is a tendency to watch what everyone else is doing. Focus on you! Pay attention to your motions and progress. Don’t compare yourself to the others, it just opens the door for doubt and jealousy, which will ruins your performance.

6. ASK QUESTIONS. Don’t be afraid to ask the choreographers any questions you have. Request to switch lines if you can’t see. Even if you’re not the one asking the question, listen carefully to the answer and apply it to your performance.

7. WAIT ON THE SIDES. Whenever you’re not dancing, wait on the sides of the room (unless explicitly directed to another location). Do not wait in the back. You can’t see!

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Examples of Dancing Auditions for Kids in El Cajon

We’ve all become so familiar with major dancing auditions for kids like those on “Little Big Shots” or “America’s Got Talent.” But the reality is, most dancing auditions for kids in El Cajon are not so glamorous. Here are a few examples to give you a more realistic idea of what to expect:

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