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Extras Casting in OnalaskaFind extras casting in Onalaska and start an acting career today. An “extra,” sometimes called a “background actor,” is an individual that appears in movies and TV shows but does not have any lines or speaks very little. They are often used to fill in scenes in public places when around Onalaska such as parks, bars, restaurants, clubs, movie theaters, sports events, and classrooms.

How to Apply to Extras Casting in Onalaska

Gigs for movie extras casting in Onalaska can be found in many different locations. It is recommended you apply online to extras casting in Onalaska. You can also find extra openings on Craigslist and other local classified websites and newspapers.

Preparing for Extras Gigs in Onalaska

There are a couple things we recommend you do before applying to an extras casting in Onalaska:

Training. There’s no special training required for extras work. Most extras need to look natural and calm in interactions with the main actors or background scenes. Some extras casting in Onalaska may require special skills such as playing a sport, dancing, or swimming.

Headshot. A headshot is photo that highlights your facial features. It’s important you have a good quality headshot and have plenty of copies. Be sure to get a digital copy for yourself and confirm with the photographer you can reprint any time you want. Prepare to leave 8×10 color copies of your headshot with each casting application.

Professional Resume. Your resume should include your past work, contact info, and physical features. This includes weight, age range, hair color, eye color, and height. Be open about your experience and provide any relevant training or education you may have.

Wardrobe. It’s normal that extras are required to provide their own clothing, unless it’s something unique, such as a zombie costume or Storm Trooper outfit. It’s important to have different clothing appropriate to different roles and time periods you’ll be applying for in any extras casting in Onalaska. Make sure you have both casual and formal attire.

How Much do Extras in Onalaska Make?

Extras salary in Onalaska can range widely. Extras pay is typically based on the role. More complicated roles normally get paid more. According to Chron.com, extras in Onalaska should expect to make approximately $18 per hour. Important: never pay someone to apply for an extras casting in Onalaska! Extras are hired employees and paid by the production. You should be required to complete tax paperwork, just like any other job. No legitimate agency will ask a payment. Also, avoid agencies that require “photo packages” or “booking fees” in their notices.


Extras Casting in Onalaska
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