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While sights of red balloons may be a bit scary as of late, this one is bound to excite!

“The Red Balloon,” a student thesis film for New York Film Academy, is currently casting several roles, including the lead child role. The film takes place in a world where everybody is born owning a yellow balloon, except for one girl, born with a red balloon and feels the spite from the world as a result.

A young female actor, aged 6–10, is wanted to play the red balloon girl, a quiet, naive, and sensitive girl. There is also a supporting role available for a young male actor, as well as background roles for talent to portray classmates of the girl.

Additionally, there is one supporting role available for a female actor, aged 22–40, to play the young girl’s mother.

Auditions will take place on several dates from Oct. 7–15, with a rehearsal following in Burbank, California. “The Red Balloon” will film in the Los Angeles area from Nov. 17–20. Some pay, meals, and credit will be provided.