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Solve challenges and portray exciting characters in a pilot for a YouTube series devoted to diversity in children’s media!

Elle Twelve, a company that is seeking to increase diversity in children’s media, is currently casting a new series that will feature diverse young female actors and 12 situational challenges. These challenges will be discussed in a variety of settings, such as sleepovers, in the classroom, and in the park, and the characters will share their personal challenges and seek feedback and guidance from their friends.

Talent, aged 6–12, are wanted for a few available roles in the production, including two leads. Actors will be able to choose from a variety of sample characters they wish to portray, such as an “Afro-chic girl who is in the drama club,” a “girly girl who is into floral prints and baking,” and “a rocker glam girl who wears leather jackets to middle school and is the life of the party.”

There will be an ongoing phone script read from Nov. 14–Dec. 9, with a table read on Dec. 3 and a shoot on Dec. 10 in downtown Los Angeles. Pay will be $50–$150, depending on the role.