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If you’ve ever wanted to go back and talk to your younger self, or even talk to your older self, now is the chance to embody a role that allows you to just that.

Casting is currently underway for the dramatic Christian short film “Dear Younger Me.” The story revolves around Charles, who gets the opportunity to go back in time and talk to his younger self to try to help little Charlie make changes in his life that will affect his future self, some to no avail.

A young male actor, aged 11–17, is wanted to play the role of Charlie. The actor will have 60 percent of the script, so ability to learn lines and express a wide range of emotion is needed.

A male actor, aged 30–40, is also wanted to play the adult Charles, the lead role. A wide range of emotions and the ability to act comedically is required. There are also additional roles for talent, aged 14–50, in day player roles.

“Dear Younger Me” will shoot in spring 2018 in the Los Angeles or South Bay area, over a tentative four to five days, including one night shoot. Pay will be $100 per day, with meals and travel expenses provided.